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Updated: August 12, 2019
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“We met each other for the first time at a yoga class. I remember seeing her and her friend at the back. They were the best in the class but they got into trouble for messing around and giggling. I was just chatting with her when I found out she had a gluten allergy. So at the next class, I showed up with gluten-free cupcakes, and managed to get her number.

This one time, a few of us from the class were going to a nearby farmer’s market, when she accidentally smashed her head really hard. But instead of being embarrassed, she just laughed it off. I thought that was really cute – I think that was the moment I began falling for her.

After that, I never ended up going back to the class, but we did manage to bump into each other a few times. So one time, I asked her if she wanted to hang out and watch some football at my place. She showed up in her pajamas because she didn’t think it was a date; which it was!

We had a lot of similar interests – we loved the same junk food like nachos and burgers. But we were opposites in many ways too. I think we balanced each other off really well. And over time, we began dating and became inseparable. We even went on a small getaway to Goa.

There, we ended up falling asleep on the beach and got extremely tan. That’s how everyone figured out we were dating – our sunburn gave it away! Eventually we moved in together. We travelled to so many places – every time was an adventure. We explored till we got lost, ate at local spots, went trekking – we did it all.

I knew she was the one, so it was time to make the grand gesture. We were visiting Toronto, and I was cooking for a few friends when some hot oil fell on my foot and I got a huge boil! Which was really bad timing since I planned to propose to her the next day when we were in Chicago. So, I stuck my injured foot into a shoe and got the plan into motion.

I told her that we were heading to a friend’s party. Once we got there, I ran up first to make sure everything was in place, I had my 3-year-old nephew hold up a sign that read, ‘Will you marry me?’ My foot was throbbing, so when she entered I ‘almost’ went down on one knee and proposed. She was really awkward and surprised, but she said, ‘Yes!

We did a pop up surprise wedding in Las Vegas and a second wedding in Sri Lanka. Being married hasn’t changed a thing though – for us, it’s still about having fun & we keep each other on our toes! And when Bodhi came into our lives, everything just got so much better. For us, our family and each other will always come first – we’ll travel, we’ll laugh, we’ll love. We’ll make this good thing last forever.”

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