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Updated: September 3, 2019
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Alexa Bliss takes shot at Bayley & Sasha Banks after heel turn on Raw

Bayley turned heel for the first time in her WWE career on the September 2 episode of Raw when she realigned with Sasha Banks and attacked Becky Lynch with a steel chair.

The shocking segment came after Bayley & Lynch defeated Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross via disqualification in the show’s main event.

Writing on Twitter, Bliss brought up her long-term rivalry with The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection and claimed that fans are now seeing the duo’s “true colors”.

Alexa Bliss’ rivalry with Sasha Banks

The real-life rivalry between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks allegedly began early on in their careers when “The Boss” broke her opponent’s nose in NXT.

On-screen, their paths hardly crossed until the summer of 2017 when Bliss – the Raw Women’s Champion at the time – faced Banks at Great Balls of Fire and SummerSlam following victories over Bayley at Payback and Extreme Rules.

After their match at Great Balls of Fire, Banks mocked Bliss on the PPV post-show by claiming that her rival faked being a wrestling fan and did not even know the difference between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy.

One year after their storyline ended, Banks said during her appearance on Open Late with Peter Rosenborg in August 2018 that she has no desire to work with Bliss again but she will do if she is asked.

Since then, the two women have mostly been kept apart in storylines, but that did not stop the former Raw Women’s Champions from having a spat on social media earlier this year, with Bliss blocking Banks on Twitter following her “petty” actions after WrestleMania 35.

So, is this rivalry real or storyline?

Judging by past remarks from the three women involved, it is safe to say that the lines between fiction and reality have definitely been blurred.

Alexa Bliss could merely be tweeting in character, but this could also be seen that she is referring to Sasha Banks and Bayley as the heels in their real-life feud.

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